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Welcome from our Director

My name is Nicole Kaniki and I am the Director and founder of Senomi Solutions. Born and raised in South Africa, I made my way to the United States of America where I completed a BSc in Athletic Training '05. I planted roots in Canada where I completed a MSc Kinesiology '11, and a PhD Measurement and Methods '16. I am currently completing a MA Women's Studies and Feminist Research '21. I have work experience in clinical research, research development, equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), and anti-racism.

My interest in EDI developed from my personal lived experiences in academia which stirred a passion to develop skills and expertise in EDI. Anti-racism and decolonization frameworks inform my work and I strive to provide clients with an understanding of how these shape the ways in which we relate to each other individually, within teams, and within organizations. There is a humanitarian imperative for us to do what we can to build and sustain equitable and inclusive environments where diversity can thrive. In order to do this work effectively, leaders and organizations must be willing to self-reflect and take action with intention. This is the approach we partner in with you through our services because EDI is about more than words, it is about culture.

If you are willing and committed to building a culture of EDI at your organization, our team can help you get there.

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